Minister's introduction

Harnessing the incredible value of data

The Hon Angus Taylor MP
The Hon Angus Taylor MP

Australia’s capacity to remain competitive in the digital economy relies on our ability to harness the incredible value of data.

The Australian Government has tabled the Productivity Commission’s Data Availability and Use Final Report, as the next step on the path of our broader data reform agenda.

Improving the way we use data will lead to significant economic benefits. We will achieve these benefits through driving innovation and competition with new and unanticipated business models, and empowering citizens as they seek the improved products and services they deserve.

However, we cannot do this without the community’s trust. This is vital for the successful rollout of any reforms to Australia’s data system.

Going forward, we will consider the detail of the Productivity Commission’s proposals carefully. I’m pleased to say we have also established a taskforce within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to advise the Government on its response to the extensive report.

I thank the Productivity Commission for its final report, and I look forward to providing regular updates as we work towards a better data availability and use system, and ultimately towards improving the lives of Australians.

The Hon Angus Taylor MP
Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation