Value, choice and confidence.

The Australian Government has tabled the Productivity Commission’s Data Availability and Use Final Report, a significant contribution to its broader data agenda.

The Government recognises that Australia’s capacity to remain competitive in the digital economy is contingent upon its ability to harness the value of data. This is precisely why the Government is committed to the National Innovation and Science Agenda, and under the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement, making more data available for use.

Improved use of data will lead to significant economic benefits by driving innovation and competition with new and unanticipated business models. It will also empower citizens to seek better products and services.

Consistent with the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement, the Productivity Commission has proposed reforms aimed at moving Australia’s data system from one based on risk avoidance, to one based on value, choice and confidence.

The Productivity Commission's Final Report

Recommendations by the Productivity Commission fall into two key facets:

  • a new Comprehensive Right for consumers to access and share their data
  • a new data sharing and release structure that can be ‘dialled up or down’ according to different risks associated with different types of data.

Both will be underpinned by a modernised regulatory framework including a new Commonwealth Data Sharing and Release Act.

Within the new data sharing and release structure are four key themes:

  • a National Data Custodian
  • Accredited Release Authorities
  • National Interest Datasets
  • improvements to Australia’s current system.

Going forward

The purpose of this website is to provide a concise and interactive overview of the recommendations proposed by the Productivity Commission.

Going forward, the Government will consider the details of the proposal carefully, and has established a Taskforce within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to advise on its response to the Productivity Commission report.

More information on the Data Availability and Use Taskforce is available. Please send comments or enquiries to the Taskforce via data.taskforce@pmc.gov.au.