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Reforming the national data system infographic

Consumer Data Right

Led by the Treasury

Right for Customers

Consumer data access and transfer rights to improve competition and consumer choice.

Close collaboration with industry

A new Data Standards Body will facilitate collaboration on data access and transfer standards within designated industry sectors, the technology community, consumer groups and privacy advocates.

New data sharing and release arrangements

Led by the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation

Improve Australia's current data system

Address existing barriers, such as lack of standardised and transparent approaches to data sharing and release, and unnecessarily complex data access processes.

Improved access to public data

Further increase the value that is derived from Australia's public data.

New legislation

A new Data Sharing and Release Act will establish the new Data Sharing and Release institutional and governance arrangements.

National Data Commissioner (NDC)

A National Data Commissioner to oversee and monitor the integrity of Australia's data system. The NDC will engage widely with the public; provide guidance to promote technical best practice and ethical users of data; and drive cultural change towards greater use and reuse of data.

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